Transitioning to Digital Publishing has never been easier with DHM. Our proprietary developments and software allow you to communicate with your team or staff and your clients or customers in a comfortable way they choose to read; using their favorite platforms. And it works for all platforms all the time. DHM is your complete communication manager with this tool and service.

DHM can create a single, unified communication flow for your printed materials by transitioning them into mobile/online publishing. The communication landscape has changed and connecting with your employees or customers through print is not the only solution. There is email, texting, websites, blogs, social media, and more – we can help. It’s easy and now affordable.

If you send us a multi-page media, we can not only Digital Print it on paper but within minutes, even seconds, we can reproduce it in all four (4) digital



platforms for you discretionary uses. Imagine, the newsletter of your dreams on the entry table or mailed out as well as simultaneously linking the digital format to your employees or clients via smart phone, notepad, iPad, laptop, or desktop. They now choose how to read, respond and collaborate with you. We can even embed pod casts and video into your digital format and give you that extra wow factor you’ve been searching for. “Attract … interact … react.”

Create a Mobile App with us. For a small investment and only two weeks we can create a customized, penetrating app for your subscribers, customers, and employees in which to ​enhance your mobile presence.