At DH Marketing, we take great pride in the accuracy and speed with which your orders are processed. We handle your orders from beginning to end, starting with receiving or printing your material to fulfilling and completing your order. We receive and warehouse various materials from suppliers across the country in our climate-control, camera monitored facility. We also have printing services that offer precision, speed and versatility. After your product is printed or received, it is barcoded, mapped, inventoried and warehoused for quick retrieval. Our customizable inventory management
system can be accessed via web or mobile application. Receive daily, weekly or monthly inventory updates (multiple track and reporting integration already available) and low inventory email reports with anytime access among many other features.

Our experienced team assembles kits to your specifications and prepares them for mass distribution, on-demand orders and pre-assembled inventory. We strive to exceed customer’s expectations through planning and training. Our team picks, packs and ships using the fastest and most cost-effective methods available.