Printing is very direct and hands-on. - Christian Marclay


DHM is focused, wired and well-equipped for the most unique of one-to-one engagement. Whether B2B or B2C is your vertical, we can prove it is in our wheel-house. With the latest iGEN 26 inch press technology and the largest Konica Minolta image presses, your color and monochrome requirements are met … and then some.

To most clients, we are masters of print technology and “doctors” of variable data and data imaging. We are the

largest producer of variable imaging work on the east coast, PERIOD. A large portion of our almost one billion mailers have variable imaging. Text, photos, life style imagery, geo mapping and many other unique details can absolutely grab your customer’s attention. To find out more about our capabilities, and take a tour of our plant, call us today at 724.657.6970.