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Health Plan Success Story One

A Medicare Advantage Plan faced a multitude of challenges.  From business growth, including being a startup, with no members in an eight county of one state service area. Joe and his team at DHM devised a series of direct mail campaigns to generator new members while also enhancing the service areas.  Using a proprietary Data mining process for their direct mail campaigns coinciding with other multi-channel media to realize a hugely successful growth spurt.

The DHM team worked for months within the MA Health Plan’s marketing department to strategize, implement and control a multimillion-dollar budget. Joe D. efficiently and carefully oversaw, structured, and implemented proven USPS and CMS approved media as the primary lead generators.

After careful throughput tracking and in-depth analytics by Joe’s team, the plan was able to focus on other important tasks for their own business model.  DHM handled all the multi-channel campaigns and relieved the lean staff of the MA Health Plan so they could focus on individual member needs.  Excellent results were achieved.

In just over two years the struggling start-up MA Plan realized a record growth of 80,000 plus membership in a six (6) state service area.
(60% of budget invested in our Direct Mail.  Still the top 2 response drivers in the 65 and over market today).

Health Plan Success Story Two

A second Medicare Advantage Health Plan was experiencing stagnant, or lack of growth for several years. This well-established, well branded healthcare entity was failing short in both acquisition and retention of members. Joe and his team consulted and structured, with the director and his six reports, a strategy to install an aggressive growth plan with the goal of capturing 20,000 more members from a two state service area in a two year period.  Extremely aggressive acquisition while lowering their retention rate from 10% loss every year to only 7%.  This helped the suffering MA Health Plan realize a keep of 6.4 million per year.  (ask about our SMS/Mobile transitional marketing program)

The DHM team used a calculated marketing management strategy which coupled digital, SEO and Direct Mail. DHM was able to retain members by quickly optimizing incentive programs, positioning premiums and implementing new variable DM technics throughout the entire campaign.

In order to capture new members, Joe and his team devised a highly responsive DM marketing plan using our two decades plus data management knowledge to segment the list to send specific trackable events to a targeted group. DHM devised a propriety portal as a tool to promote and engage the prospects with the sales team and broker agents.

Goal accomplished!  The once stagnant MA Health Plan was able to acquire 26,000+ new lives and growth into an additional two states in just two short years.

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